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What we do lets you see who has unfollowed you on twitter. We use optional email or tweet notifications to notify you if someone has unfollowed you. Additionally, you can use our advanced features to easily unfollow/follow, block/unblock users from your dashboard. You can autofollow your followers, compare users, send messages to multiple users, invite multiple users to follow you with just one click and more!

How we do it

We use twitter OAuth authentication -- you don't have to share your password with us! Also, we realize your Twitter account is important to you, and must fully be under your control. We don't do anything without your consent.

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4 reasons why is the most loved application does a 3 times verification of your recent unfollowers. We do this because, from time to time twitter sends us incorrect data. We understand the value each contact brings. So we don't want to give false information just because of inconsistencies with twitter databases. is made to help you grow your twitter account, we never tweet from your account, unless you explicitely click a tweet button. That means you have full customization for your account. will never ask you to tweet anything. make it easy for you to follow and unfollow people on mobile. So we have a supereasy mobile web . For people who are lazy enough to open a browser. We have an android app and we are soon going to launch the iPhone version of our app. lets you know:
  • People who has just unfollowed you
  • People who has just followed you
  • People who you are following but they are not following you back
  • People who follows you, but you don't follow them back
  • People who you follow and they follow you back
  • Everyone who you follow and everyone who follows you
  • People you blocked on twitter
  • Protected users who haven't accepted your following request
  • People you follow who are inactive, fake, without profile image, and those who don't speak your language
  • People you follow who tweets too much or people who are quiet
  • Find and follow people in a twitter list
  • Search people by keywords and follow them
  • Find and follow followers and following of any twitter user
  • Compare any two twitter user

And with our powerful interface you can list, follow/unfollow, block/unblock, mention, dm, and even force user to unfollow you with just simple click. Our dashboard gives you more options, to sort, filter and even unfollow and follow multiple users with just one click, this makes us the best application ever.

Our sort filter allows you to sort users by:

  • Tweet count
  • Following count
  • Followers count
  • Following/Followers ratio
  • Twitter Name in alphabetical order
  • Twitter screen name
  • Account age: Order by newest or oldest twitter users
  • Tweets per day
  • Follow order

Our Filter lets you filter users by:

  • Non english
  • Inactive users
  • Talkative
  • Quiet
  • Verified
  • Non Verified
  • Protected
  • Non Protected
  • Fake following
  • No profile description
  • No profile image
I am
users who dont follow back